• QUO

    Restore damaged thinning hair back to its original youthful state. Prevent graying by activating melanin. Enable new hair growth. Create shiny, silky, smooth hair without silicone. Eliminate residual alkaline to prevent color fade and help maintain perms longer.
    All this can be achieved with QUO’s anti-aging hair care and scalp care line. 
    QUO’s featured ingredients, hematin and fulvic acid, revitalize the hair and scalp to create a healthy scalp environment which enables new hair to grow.
    And along with QUO’s other luxurious ingredients, these fortifying ingredients are delivered deep into the hair and scalp with the use of a globally patented 100% Liquid Crystal Lamellar Technology.

  • MudMasta

    Deep cleanse and nourish the scalp and hair while promoting new hair growth and preventing premature graying.