Finely selected natural ingredients and Damask rose fragrance reflect the beautiful colorful design of this creative and nurturing hair care line.

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  • Make Up Wax
  • Creates light, airy waves and curls for a soft finish.  Won't weigh hair down, even for fine hair.

    65 g

  • A light holding power giving movement and bounce to the hair.

    65 g

  • A strong holding power for styling and restyling with control, but still soft to the touch.

    65 g

  • Make Up Milk
  • An oil-based milk that creates long-lasting, soft, airy curls with a gorgeous shine.

    100 ml

  • An oil-based milk that helps keep waves bouncy while maintaining moisture and shine all day long.

    100 ml

  • Base Care Oil
  • Made with Damask rose oil, known for it's superb fragrance amongst roses, this oil treatment delivers a perfect balance of deep moisture and airy silkiness.

    120 ml

  • Treatment
  • A light, non-sticky leave-in treatment that can be used before bed time to eliminate unruly frizz and increase manageability the next day.

    120 g

  • Mist
Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items