A totally different kind of treatment in terms of ingredients, application, and structure.
    A multi-purpose treatment that can be used before and after any type of chemical processing (color, perm, and straightening). Simple to use, it brings out shine and a silky finish with the use of various amino acids, moisturizers, and liquid crystal emulsion.
    Silicone free.

  • KiQu

    A revolutionary multi-treatment that creates shiny and smooth hair.
    Nano-size CMC components seeps deep into the hair and directly repairs damaged cuticles.
    Say goodbye to bristle hair, split hair, and brittle hair.

  • EPT
  • PPT-DO Treatment

    Add chemical support to hair coloring and perming to resolve complex damages to the hair.
    PPT-DO supplies cysteine to damaged areas and with excellent moisturizing and coating effects, it gives shine, suppleness, and bounce to the hair.