A revolutionary cysteamine curling lotion that creates long lasting curls, with minimal damage, which can be used immediately after coloring and/or chemical straightening without creating frizz.


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  • PPT-DO Wave

    A conditioning wave perm for damaged hair.
    These cysteine solutions are infused with high molecular weighted kertine PPT and ions that bring out great textures by enriching hair with the proteins vital to maintaining curls during and after perming process.

  • PPT-DO Xavie

    PPT-DO Xavie not only inherits the damage control and designing power of PPT-DO Wave, but it can also create defined ridges and soft suppleness at the same time.
    Containing high polymer keratine PPT for protecting hair from damages and glutamate for helping hair become more flexible and bouncy, it works great for customizing wave design.


    Create beautiful waves while minimizing damage and stress to the hair.
    CMC emulsion formula contains amino ceramide, keratine, and wheat PPT which leave hair soft with a natural shine.

  • Cysteine Perm

    Cysteine based solution's components resemble natural amino acids in hair and minimize damage.
    Best for damaged hair that cannot sustain common ammonium thioglycolate solutions.

  • Prism Plus

    A gentle moisturizing perming solution that causes no damage.
    Designed for extremely damaged hair, especially hard to perm damaged fine thin hair. 
    It's so gentle, you can do multiple perms without damage to create the ideal curl design.  (Not for healthy/virgin hair).