• Arimino Men

    Styling product line designed specifically for men.

  • BS Styling

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  • Heat Silk Lotion

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  • Hi Poffy

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  • Magic Move

    Winner of Allure magazine's "Best of Beauty" award, this new concept in styling allows you to design and redesign your hair without reapplication. Change your look just with your fingers.
    Adds volume and waves when heat is applied.  Easily create unique movement to the hair with a natural finish, without the stiffness.
    It's Magic!

  • Margaret Josefin (MJ)

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  • Platinum Collagen

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    • Spice Water
        A milky styling lotion used before drying.
    Spice Cream (Wax)
        A creamy styling wax to create various hair designs.
    Spice Shower
        A spray type styling product for a gentle finish.
    Spice Form
        A foam type styling product for waves and curls.
    Spice Tube
        A tube type styling product that enhances a natural shine.
    Spice Mist
        A mist type hair care styling product.


    A new type of finishing product that is beneficial for both skin and hair.
    With a blend of natural ingredients and aroma, skin care and hair care can now go hand in hand.

  • Style Club for Curl

    A styling product designed specifically for natural and permanent waves.