Introducing SIGMA!

We’ve recently added 3 new product lines: OASIC, SIGMA, and KiQu.
This article gives a brief overview on SIGMA.
If any interests you, please feel free and ask for our flyers which contain more details of the products.


SIGMASIGMA from Amatora is an innovative product line for professional use that enhances in-salon application of pre-treatment, perm, hair color, straightener, shampoo and more.

Just mix! It’s silicon free and fragrant free, and concentrates on revitalizing the hair to create brilliant shine.

SIGMA utilizes the globally patented Lamellar Technology, a liquid crystal emulsification method, that helps deliver active ingredients deep into the hair to create natural shine and resilience.

One of Many Examples of SIGMA Application: 
   Create your own SIGMA Mousse Color!

Using mousse pumpJust mix SIGMA with your Color product using a pump and create a unique foam application.

You’ll get the following results with the mousse:

• Locks color in for a superior performance, brilliance, and shine (Colors can last up to 50% longer).

Prevents tangling by providing special care during chemical application.

Neutralizes odors and minimizes scalp irritation.

Creates foam-type color application that won’t drip.

Most of all, you don’t need special skills or techniques to use this product.
Quick and easy, it will surely save you time!

Feel free to contact Shinbi for more application uses and techniques of this product.
Our sales representatives will be more than happy to help!