Introducing OASIC Cosmetic Color!

We've recently added 3 new product lines: OASIC, SIGMA, and KiQu.
This article gives a brief overview on OASIC.
If any interests you, please feel free and ask for our flyers which contain more details of the products.

OASIC Cosmetic Color


The OASIC Cosmetic Color Cream is a new and more satisfying type of acid coloring system from Arimino that has been added to our hair color product line.

The new Arimino F-S formula gives hair natural looking color as well as natural looking fade with volume and silkiness never seen before.

3 Key Points of OASIC Cosmetic Color:

1) High quality coloring made possible by less dense yet effective color pigment formula.

With OASIC’s high quality coloring, your hair color will look natural even when color fades over time. No more obvious orange tint!

2) Moisture rich hair with less friction when rinsing.

Rice powder contained in the OASIC color cream acts as a cushion between the hairs to lessen friction during application and rinsing. It leaves hair with a soft and light finish.

3) Easy application (The thick cream spreads easily and stays where you put it!)

Rice powder and Candelilla wax in the color cream help prevent dripping and beading, resulting in smooth application and firm coloring of the hair.

With relaxing and gentle earl grey tea scent, the color cream comes in a variety of rich 40 plus colors. Our flyer contains the full color palette table for easy reference.

Try OASIC Cosmetic Color and test the effectiveness of the newest coloring formula from Arimino today!

OASIC Cosmetic Color Products: Color Cosmetic Cream, MOIST Color Shampoo, MOIST Color Conditioner, Tint Escape, Scalp Protect Cream, Scalp Oil, Skin Cleansing.