New Product Updates [2018 October]

We've updated the web site with the following product information. 
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i Prime Color [Brown Type] Warm Brown

i prime colorA permanent color with minimal damage due to it's treatment ingredients.
Covers all grays, from few strands to the whole hair.    
Choose from 4 shades of Warm Brown!

Color details and more can be found under [COLOR] - [i Prime Color]

Care DUE Spa Brush

spa brushA massage shampoo brush that is flexible and fits comfortably in your hand.
Each bristle end is split into 7 small soft points to give a relaxing scalp massage during shampooing.

Listed under [TOOLS]

Oasic Color Comb

CS CombA professional color comb designed specifically for Oasic Color.
The fine teeth on this comb holds and spreads color evenly on the hair while the stylist utilizes the zero technique. The ergonomic design, with a thumb grip, makes application smooth and easy.

Listed under [TOOLS]